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iPeakTuner HiFi Radio

The iPeak Tuner is a full featured iPhone/iPod Touch HiFi streaming player that delivers all of the Peak Broadcasting stations and exclusive on-demand streams to you, just about anywhere.

All streams are encoded using HEAAC v2 and harness the latest Flash Media Server technology. That means no rebuffering, few if any dropouts and the best listening experience whether via 3G, Edge or WIFI networks.

The audio quality matches or beats FM broadcasting.

With the iPeak Tuner, you can create a history of songs you like and purchase them instantly in the iTunes Store. When you are really jazzed about a song, station or on-demand stream, iPeak Tuner will let you email your friends or post the info to Facebook, MySpace or Twitter.

Connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your car sound system for stunning stereo audio.


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